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DIY Natural Deodorant With Patchouli
Many deodorants designed to cover up body odor also contain an antiperspirant to stop sweat. Stir every once in a while, until everything is melted (the beeswax takes the longest, but it`s still within a couple minutes), and then stir well to incorporate the powders into the mixture so that it is nice and smooth. After countless weeks of stepping down to less and less ingredients in my homemade deo, I started using this one last week. I omitted the baking soda and probiotics and just used extra arrowroot and had no buying issues, actually I feel like this made my armpits really smooth! Shea Butter - Contains cinnamic acid which is known to reduce skin inflammation and helps to sooth skin.
I have found this makes enough to fill up my conventional brand deodorant container, or you could also put it in a small glass container and just use your hand to scoop out a little bit and put it on. If you are using these frequently for homemade beauty products, I recommend having a separate group of mixing tools to those you use in the kitchen.
I`ve been using this type of home made deodorant for about three years. At the start I developed itchy red bumps under my armpits, though didn`t get the peeling you`ve described. After much experimenting I found that modifying the dry ingredients to 1 part baking soda to 3 parts arrowroot/cornstarch fixed the problem.
I purchased PP last month and haven`t noticed much difference between my homemade version and PP, other than the fact that my jar version has a bit more of a tacky texture when scooping it from the jar. Making your own is quick and easy which is yet two more reasons to use natural deodorant with essential oils opposed to using a store bought deodorant. From homemade blush to body scrubs, coconut oil is a great ingredient to use for beautiful skin. I had to return it. Nothing natural or regular works on me like this homemade stuff- frugal, safe and effective! I perfected a recipe for a natural and nourishing all day homemade deodorant that works. The spray on EO recipe worked well for a while, but after I remade a bottle it stopped.
I started using matcha in my first homemade deodorant, a recipe that I almost posted on this blog last year. It`s smoother than the average baking soda deodorant, but grainier and not as smooth and creamy as my zinc oxide deodorant. Neem oil is bitter, so dogs won`t lick it. HOWEVER, MAKE SURE THAT UR DOG ISN`T ALLERGIC TO THIS MIX. There is one thing about this formula that you can change quickly, and that`s making a better selection in your deodorant. Dr. Winston Wong, a podiatrist based in Manhattan, has your simple solution: put deodorant on your feet. Combine 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of cornstarch and a few drops of essential oils such as lavender or cinnamon to give it a hint of sweet smell. I hope someone could maybe guide me a little as i want to stick with this deodorant so much!! As far as clean up, I melted my beeswax in a mason jar I use specifically for that purpose.
Main ingredients are easily sourced or often found in the home, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. This recipe works best with a liquid oil, so coconut oil will work great in the summer, but I`m not sure how solid the deodorant will feel in winter. I have crystal deodorant in my bathroom and love it... Thanks for your great lens and congrats for your LOTD! I don`t like the idea of blocking my sweat glands, so I prefer to use a natural deodorant. I was going to buy some oatmeal shampoo, but then I did a google search and came across this homemade remedy. Be careful to only twist up a little bit of the deodorant before putting it on, especially in the summer when it`s soft.
Start by adding your drops of essential oil onto your cotton ball over the sink in the kitchen or bathroom and open a window. I have been looking for the best deodorant for women for many years... but unfortunately had only disappointments. Arrowroot powder dissolves more easily, makes a smoother product, and will result in a final product more the color of the beeswax. I do better with just coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch with some tea tree EO, even though it melts easily.
Suave Clinical Protection is an extra effective antiperspirant deodorant that provides 24 hour protection. I was using baking soda and glycerin, with a little clary sage essential oil to retard sweat, which works quite well. Measure out some corn starch, it doesn`t really matter how much, just as long as you know how much baking soda to add next. Splash corporation makes an whitening deodorant called the Extract Papaya Calamansi Skin Whitening Deodorant. Been making my own deodorant for a while now using this recipe and it`s awesome!
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